Monday, 30 May 2016


Samsung is a powerhouse of unique and high quality mobile phone devices. Every time, it comes up with something entirely new and innovative in its latest smartphone devices. It has an array of mobile phones collection with different price-ranges. If you want to buy an expensive phone with high quality features, Samsung is the brand to approach. If you cannot afford highly expensive phones, you can look for moderately-priced phones. Samsung manufactures all types of phones for different people. In this blog, we are going to highlight another gem of a smartphone manufactured by Samsung in the shape of Samsung Galaxy Star in Dubai.


The best thing about this phone is that, it is moderately-priced and most people can afford to buy it. It features all the important functions of a smartphone device and the good news is that, it allows users to use two SIMs because of its Dual SIM feature. If you buy this phone, it means you can organize your contacts in a more meaningful manner. You can separate your contacts and have an easier time searching for them.

3” to 3.9” Screen

The screen size may not be very large but with moderate price, it is the best choice. Like other smartphones, you can also enjoy watching videos and movies on Samsung Galaxy Star.


One of the best thing about this phone is that, it is a touchscreen device. Gone are the days, when you had to punch in the contact numbers, every time you wanted to make a call. With a simple and efficient touchscreen technology, you can have a very easy time operating this smartphone device. It is efficient and user-friendly.

4GB Capacity

4GB capacity is good enough to download and store lots of songs and videos. For a mid-range smartphone, it is the best choice you can make. Apart from that you can also use its primary camera to take photos and store them.

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