Wednesday, 4 May 2016

LG G4 Dubai LG G4 in UAE: Is LG G4c 8GB 3G Gold better than Tablet PC

Are you confused whether to buy a smartphone like LG G4c 8GB 3G Gold or a tablet PC? Both have amazing features but the problem with a tablet PC is that it is bigger in size which makes it difficult for you to carry around. At LG G4 Dubai LG G4 in UAE has a very reasonable price at AED449.00. In this blog, we are going to compare both electronic devices and make it easier for you to make the decision as to what you should buy.

Core Features of LG G4c 8GB 3G Gold

It has a screen-size of 5 inches which makes it very portable. You can easily carry it around in your pocket and use it as per your requirements. With 136 grams of weight, it is very light to carry. When you are travelling, carrying a phone like this one can be the best option for you. It provides very smooth online connection because of built-in 3G technology.

No matter where you are, you can easily hold it in your hands and use it for different purposes. It is a multi-purpose electronic device and you can use it to stay in touch with others as well as stay abreast with the latest news. You can also use it to get entertained as it supports 8GB data storage capacity. You can download lots of videos and songs and save them on your smartphone. If you are bored and want to get entertained, you can listen to your songs stored in the memory.

How this Smartphone is better than a Tablet PC?

Tablet PCs cannot be ruled out because they are also very useful electronic devices. The only drawback you may come across using tablet PCs is their bigger size. You cannot keep them in your pocket. You always have to carry them in your hands. If you are carrying a handbag, you can keep it safely but still, as compared to a smartphone device like LG G4c 8GB 3G Gold, it is not recommendable to buy.

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