Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Phone Deals Dubai: Buy HTC One M8 32GB 4G LTE Harman Kardon Edition

At, we have some of the best phone deals Dubai. At our online store, you can come across some of the finest mobile phone devices with top-quality features. We have smartphones of some of the top-most mobile phone brands like HTC, Samsung Huawei and LG. In this blog, we are introducing HTC One M8 32GB 4G LTE Harman Kardon Edition for only AED849.00. This phone was priced at AED1, 099 before. We have brought down the prices. If you are interested to buy this phone from our online store, let us discuss some of the top features of this smartphone device to help you make a final decision.


NFC is a new feature introduced in different smartphones. This version of HTC phone has a built-in NFC feature. The advantage of having this feature in your phone is to make it easier for you to make payments. With this awesome feature, you do not have to rely on paying in cash, every time you buy something from a superstore. All you need to do is to use NFC technology to make due payments once you have shopped for groceries and other essential household stuff. There are not many phones with this amazing feature.

Create a Backup with 32GB Memory Space

If you want to create a backup of important files stored on your personal computer, you can easily do so with this smartphone device because it has a large 32GB memory space. It is always handy to create a backup of important files as it can help you avoid ambiguities. A personal computer is not very reliable being a man-made machine and it could malfunction any time.

For instance, your phone gets infected with a Trojan virus, it could corrupt important system files that help boot your computer and load the operating system. If malfunction occurs, you will have no other option but to format all the major drives of your computer and in the process, you can lose all the important files.  If you have created a backup, you can easily restore all the files back on your computer machine.

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