Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Smart Phones: Buy Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A300H 16GB 3G Platinum Silver

Have you been planning to buy a smartphone device? Is your budget very low to buy a high quality smart phone at an affordable price in Dubai? Do not worry as we introduce Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A300H 16GB 3G Platinum Silver at an affordable price. It is a high quality smartphone device with amazing features. It is one of the best smartphone devices you can purchase at a reasonable price and enjoy mesmerizing features of a smartphone device. In this blog, we are going to focus on the high quality features of this phone that you can enjoy.

Download Movies and Store them Using 16GB Storage Capacity

One of the main problems people usually face with ordinary smartphone devices is the storage capacity. Ordinary phones do not have ample storage capacity, even if they have, the RAM is too low to back it up making the phone function slower. The more data people store on their smartphone device, the slower the processing speed becomes. With Samsung Galaxy S3, you can store several videos and songs since it supports 16GB storage capacity which is backed by 1GB RAM allowing it to function smoothly. You can watch videos and listen to your favorite songs as you download them on your smart phones.

Enjoy Watching Movies on a 4.5 Inches Screen-Size

You always want to watch your favorite movies on large screens. This smartphone has a good 4.5 inches screen that can satisfy your needs when it comes to watching movies. Just download your favorite movies and enjoy watching them on 4.5 inches screen of Samsung Galaxy A3.

Affordable Price

With so many high quality features, you can buy it at an affordable price of AED649.00 from our online store at Crazydeals.com. You can satisfy your entertainment needs with this high quality smartphone device. The best thing is that, it also features a high quality 8MP primary camera. It is very smooth to use and you can have a lot of fun using this device to not just satisfy your entertainment needs but also making communication easier for you.
Please visit our online store at Crazydeals.com to buy smart phone at an affordable price in Dubai.

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