Sunday, 3 April 2016

Digital voice recorder: did you find yours

Do you know the regular use of digital voice recorder? We are sure not many of us use it regularly, but who are the ones doing so? Let’s find out! The RCA RP 5020A is a digital voice recorder often used by journalists to capture oral interviews. This is much easier than handwriting an interview and much more reliable.

The device has only a few buttons on the front screen, so to learn to use the digital recorder is not very long. After recording the audio with the unit, you can play at any time, giving you a permanent record of the interview. For this digital voice recorder price in UAE, visit


• Press the "Power" button on the RCA voice recorder. Press "Save" to start recording. Press "Stop" to stop recording. The audio file recording takes its name from the date and time.
• Push "Menu" to show all current records. Select "Up" or "Down" to scroll through the records. Stop on a record and press "Play" to start.
• You can fast forward or rewind the recording using the "RW" on the side of the device "FF" and adjust the volume using buttons on the front of the digital voice recorder.
• Insert a pair of earphones in the helmet to the head of the digital voice recorder if you want to listen to music without playing through the built-in speaker.
• Select a record and press "Delete" to delete the record of the memory of the RP 5020A when you no longer need.

Journey from Mp3 player to digital voice recorder

The Nextar MA933A is more than just an MP3 player; it is also a digital voice recorder. With the assistance of the integrated microphone, you can record your vocal pieces and save the file to the memory of the device. Using the voice recording function is a great way to take voice notes or to record other sounds that may be important to you.

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