Monday, 11 April 2016

Blackberry Leap: BlackBerry Leap or Blackberry Porsche, which one should you buy

Are you confused whether to buy Blackberry Leap in Dubai or Blackberry Porsche? Both phones are awesome, but you have to choose one of them. It can be quite confusing to make a decision if you have so many choices. In this blog, we are going to dissolve your confusion by recommending which phone you should buy. Please continue reading to find out.

Determine your Needs

Before you make a decision to buy one of these phones, determine the purpose. Do you just want to use a phone to communicate with others or do you want to use enhanced features? There is no doubt that Blackberry Porsche is an awesome phone, but it does not have an enhanced memory. It comes with 8 GB of storage capacity and if you are looking for a phone which could allow you to store a large amount of data then this phone is not recommendable to you. If you want to use enhanced features like storage capacity, you need to buy Blackberry Leap. This phone has 16GB of storage capacity and you can store lots of data in it, and that includes photos, songs, and videos.

Meeting your Entertainment Needs

When it comes to getting entertained watching videos and movies, Blackberry Porsche just has 3 inches of the screen which is quite small. You may not enjoy watching movies on such a small screen-size. If you want to watch movies on a larger screen, Blackberry Leap is the best choice for you because it comprises 5 – 5.9 inches screen. With this screen size, you can enjoy watching movies and your favorite videos.

Communicating more effectively

Blackberry Porsche comprises online connectivity feature through Wifi technology. On the other hand, Blackberry Leap has built-in 4G LTE. It means that you can use your smartphone device anywhere in your town or country. With a Wifi, you are restricted and do not have any other option. To connect to a Wifi, you need to be at a location where Wifi device is turned on. If you are at home, and the Wifi device is on, you can use the internet, but it is not long-range. As soon as you move away from the Wifi device, Blackberry Porsche will not be able to connect to the internet. If you have Blackberry Leap, you are not restricted as you can use it anywhere.

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