Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Huawei Smartphone In UAE- 5 Stars For Huawei P8

Huawei smartphone in UAE P8 has two antennas for this purpose, the top, and bottom. It can go from one to another in an instant to select the best signal, without the user noticing anything. In addition, it provides in principle greater connection stability when the subject is moving at high speed (TGV in an example). In fact, we could see the signal more quickly returns to normal with the Huawei P8 when we leave the subway for example. The passage between the Edge network and LTE is also very fast.

1. Software Interface

System side, the Huawei P8 runs Android Lollipop decorated the house EMUI 3.1 interface. This is very similar to that of the Ascend Mate 7 (EMUI 3.0) and provides a clean look, based on Material Design of Google. The menu buttons and bright and bold colors are a characteristic signature, and even before the transition to Lollipop. The menu is clear and just check which application can receive notifications. The Huawei P8 goes even further and proposes to manage what kind of applications can send some notification. This is very useful and easy to implement.

2. Themes

Huawei offers themes for P8, but it is specially customized too. It's pretty nice so let's carve a system to its image. Only standard applications are immutable ... unless you use a pack of icons.

3. Voice recognition

Like the Moto X Motorola, Huawei P8 offers the version of Google Now. To enable it, you must go to the smartphone with a simple "Ok Emy". The application then is launched in English only. An update will probably make adjustments because for now, it is impossible to test this feature on the P8.

4. Movements and gestures

The Huawei smartphone in UAE P8 also has its own movements and gestures. They are well designed and operate smoothly. One can, for example, place the mobile to silent mode by flipping the phone rings or when an answer to bringing the ear. These are now standard, which is found in most high-end smartphones.

5. Performance

The Kirin is an octa-core 64-bit chip based on Cortex A53E hearts clocked at 2 GHz. In fact, we expect the P8 performance worthy of blossoms. Huawei smartphone P8 can count on 3GB of RAM in terms of RAM.


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